Catalyst Beyond

Catalyst events have long held the intention of creating a spark in the lives of leaders. Whether you are inspired by a moment, touched by a song, or convicted by that one statement you can't escape no matter how hard you try; Catalyst is about creating change and developing change makers. But, if we're honest, don't we often leave these experiences on an emotional high yet wondering how we will turn that spark into a flame? How will we process what has been awoken inside of us and turn it into actionable change in our lives and the lives of our teams?  How do we create lasting transformation once we find ourselves back in the daily grind? What will happen beyond the event?

With these questions in mind, Catalyst is excited to introduce Catalyst Beyond.

Catalyst Beyond is a 12-month online curriculum designed to wrestle deeply with the leadership themes introduced at Catalyst events. Interactive and easy to use, each month will provide access to content designed to spur you and your team on in the journey of becoming everything God has created you to be. Each month includes:


Going Deeper

Study and application designed to take a deep dive into that month's topic.


From the Catalyst Stage

Application and discussion built around video from the Catalyst Stage.


Catalyst Voices Up Close

Backstage interviews, features, and articles from Catalyst voices designed specifically to provide further perspective on the topic at hand.

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